*Bar & Bistro *

I have tried to produce an evening menu which is both stimulating for you,
the diners, and also workable for me, the chef, with the kitchen facilities
available. Whenever possible, I will take advantage of seasonal produce.

All food is prepared “in house” except where clearly stated and my sauces
are, generally, reductions using home-made stocks, wines and fresh herbs.

The menu may be limited in choice but sometimes this can be a bonus. We
have all, at some point, sat looking at a complicated menu, scratching our
heads, wracked with indecision.

I will also make timely changes to the menu which will keep it fresh and
allow my regular customers to choose something different every time. Any
favourites you may have will make a reappearance at some point and any
personal requests will be considered carefully.

I, personally, regard Bistro dining as an informal occasion, where stuffy
restaurant rules don’t apply. I like my customers to feel relaxed and able
to enjoy the food without the worry of following etiquette. If you want to
pick it up with your hands or dip your bread in, please feel free to do so.

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